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xPression 4 Design Track – xPresso for Adobe® InDesign® CS5
39705 / LI-DEV-277


With xPresso for Adobe InDesign you can transform your existing static documents into highly-creative dynamic customer communications right on your desktop. This course consists of an overview of Adobe InDesign, a set of PowerPoint modules, class training activities, and a final exam. Designed for professionals who create, implement, and maintain xPresso for Adobe InDesign applications, this course covers primarily document design tasks.



Designed for professionals who create, implement, and maintain xPresso for Adobe InDesign applications. This course covers primarily document design tasks The following is highly recommended:
- Beginner to intermediate level proficiency with Adobe InDesign CS4
- Basic understanding of XML data structure, data hierarchy (XSD) and data/content tagging
- Hands-on experience with Microsoft® Windows 2000 or higher.
If you’re new to Adobe InDesign, or just need a refresher, try these resources:
- Start Adobe InDesign and press F1, or from the Help menu select InDesign Help; when Adobe Help Center page appears, click Learning Resources
- Access Adobe’s website for more information at
If also involved in publishing, it is recommended you take the xAdmin course.


xPresso Document Development Cycle
- Describe the document development cycle
- Walk through a real life scenario
xPresso Design Tools Overview
- Describe the purpose of each design tool
- Identify general xPresso client features
Introduction to xPresso for InDesign
- Describe the purpose and functionality of xPresso for Adobe InDesign
- Describe the xPresso for Adobe InDesign working environment
xPresso for Adobe InDesign Basics
- Identify the basics of the xPresso document
- Use variables and variable definitions, variable data, document properties, dynamic content, criteria, previewing with PDF, images, universal content, loops, and formatting
Working with the xPression Server
- Describe how xPresso interacts with the xPression Servers
- Create production-level output
xPresso for Adobe InDesign Advanced Topics
Work with data, schemas, frames, content groups, page loops, table loops, advanced formatting, page n of m, layers, transparency, continuation headers, linked frames, optional pages, advanced tables, subtotal, GroupSum, dynamic charts, markers, indexing, cross-references styles and formatting, and fonts


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Evaluation de fin de stage
Support de cours en anglais


Alternance d’exposés et de travaux pratiques


Spécialiste xPression


Durée : 4 jours soit 28 heures avec 7 heures par jour
Prix stagiaire : 3.830 € TTC
Horaires : 9h00 – 17h30