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xPression 4.x Entreprise Application Integration


This class delivers an overview of the xPression architecture while discussing and demonstrating common integration strategies. You will learn about the makeup of the server, and how the different xPression components and products interact. Additionally, this class covers Integration with xPression Framework, QuickDoc, and the DevKit web services. This class also provides many hands-on exercises covering Document Creation, Optional Paragraphs, QuickDoc web services, C# xPression Framework coding using the Interactive Document Development Kit, and dynamically controlling output profiles.



Designed for Integraters, Software Engineers and Architects. Successful completion of the following course
- xPression 4 Admin Track – Enterprise Edition (SYS-154)Intermediate understanding of the following
- Relational Databases such as Oracle, or DB2, or SQL Server
- Application Server based applications
- XML and XML schemas
- Visual C# (Visual C-Sharp) and Web Services
- Hands-on experience with Microsoft® Windows 2000 or higher


Introduction to EAI- What is EAI?
- The xPression Framework
xPression Architecture
- The xPression Application Layer
- The xPression Administrative Applications
- The xPression End-User Applications
- The xPression Solution Applications
- The xPression Server Components
- The Server Engines
- The xPression Infrastructure
xPression System Administration
- Using xPression Framework
- Security Context
- Licensing
- Authorization
EAI Components of xPression
- What Are the Components?
- Included and Licensed Components
The QuickDoc Web Services
- CategoriesForUser
- DocumentsForCategory
- OutputProfilesForDocument
- DesignToolforDocument
- ThumbnailForDocument
- DescriptionForDocument
- PublishDocument
- PublishAndReturnDocument
Using xPression QuickDoc Web Services
- Publishing a Document
The DevKit Web Services
- DocumentItem web service
- Catalog web service
- xPressFormsCatalog or xPressForms web service
- xPressForms Reporting web service
The xPression Editor
Using xPression DevKit Web Services
- DevKit Web Services
- DocumentItem
- DevKit Catalog
- xPressForms Catalog
xPression Framework Error Reporting and Limitations
- Error Reporting
- Limitations to v4 Framework
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Durée : 2 jours soit 14 heures avec 7 heures par jour
Prix stagiaire : 1.915 € TTC
Horaires : 9h à 17h30