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xPression 4.x Design Track – xDesign


Gain a high level overview of the xPression product suite
- Lean how to navigate the xDesign development tool
- Analyize documents for optimal creation in xDesign
- Learn core fundamental principals to generate documents.
- Finalize content using the Approval system
- Publish documents



Professionals who are responsible for xPression administration and document development. An intermediate understanding of the following areas is highly desirable:
- Hands-on experience with Microsoft® Windows 2000 or higher
- Microsoft® Word 2003, including the use of stylesAn introductory understanding of the following areas is highly desirable:
- Relational Databases such as Oracle, or DB2, or SQL Server
- XML and XML schemas


Introduction to xPression
- About EMC Document Sciences
- Dynamic Content Publishing
- Content Processing Services
- The xPression Product Suite
Document Development Cycle
- About the Document Development Cycle
- Profile of xPression Users
- Document Development Cycle Stages
- Document and Data Analysis
- System Administration
- The Development Environment Requirements
- The Production Environment
Introduction to xDesign
- Building Documents in xDesign
- Creating Content in xDesign
- Testing Output in xDesign
- Preparing the Document for Production
- About the xDesign Document
- From Paper to xDesign
- xDesign Rules
- About Workflows and the Approval System
- About Document Versions
xDesign Fundamentals I
- Basic Design Concepts
- Content Groups
- Content Items
- How Does xPression Qualify Content?
- Troubleshooting: Template Issues
- A Little Bit About Generating XML
- Assemble and Preview the Document
- Introduction to Variable Replacements
- Introduction to Conditional Rules
xDesign Fundamentals II
- Variable Rules and Variable Replacements
- Using Images
- Merge Paragraphs
xDesign Fundamentals III
- Read Loops
- Table Rules
- Table Subtotals
- Controlling the Flow of Dynamic Tables
- Table Continuation Text
- Creating Charts
xDesign Performance Oriented Design
- Section Rules
- Consolidate Rules
- Order Content
- Read Loops versus Table Rules
- Attributes
- Summary and General Recommendations
xDesign Styles and Formatting
- Microsoft Styles and Why You Should Use Them
- Adding Styles to a Template
- Page X of Y Numbering
- Table of Contents
- Best Practices for Working with Forms
xDesign Advanced Implementation
- Creating Fillable PDFs
- Creating a Nested Read Loop
- Variable Rules
- Universal Content
- External MS Word Content
- Formatting Limitations
- Subdocuments
- Recipient Processing
- Document Versions
- The Approval System
- Submitting a Batch Job
Challenge Exercise – Create an AFT Letter
- Review the Sample Document
- Review the Requirements
- Document Name and Category Requirements
- Document Style and Formatting Requirements
- Image Requirements
- Variable Paragraph Requirements
- Deduction Table Requirements
- Document Variable Requirements
- Create the AFT Letter
- Use the AFT Letter as a Subdocument


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Spécialiste Xpression


Durée : 3 jours soit 21 heures avec 7 heures par jour
Prix stagiaire : 2.873 € TTC
Horaires : 9h à 17h30