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xPression 4.x Admin Track – Enterprise Edition


- Describe the xPression product suite
- Navigate xAdmin and xDashboard
- Develop Categories for xDesign and xPresso solutions
- Create Output Management solutions for multiple formats
- Build xDashboard Jobs for xPression Batch
- Describe xPression Migration functions



For professionals who are responsible for xAdmin and xDashboard Workgroup Edition functions - Intermediate understanding of the following:
- Relational Databases such as Oracle, or DB2, or SQL  Server
- Application Server based applications
- XML and XML schemas
- Hands-on experience with Microsoft® Windows® NT, 2000 or higher


Introduction to xPression Overview
- About EMC Document Sciences
- Dynamic Content Publishing
- The xPression Product Suite
Document Development Overview
- About the Document Development Cycle
- Profile of xPression users
- Document Development Cycle Stages
- A Real Life Scenario
Preparing Your Environment
- Defining Users/Roles
- Defining Attribute Sets
- Configuring a Data Source
- Defining a Category
EE xAdmin Category Management Overview
- About Attributes
- Creating an Attribute Set
- Data Sources and Data Source Groups
- About Schemas
- About RDB Data Sources
- About XML Data Sources
- About XML User Exit Data Sources
- About Stylus Studio Data Sources
- Creating a Data Source Group
- Add Data Source to Data Source Group
- Automapping your Data
- An Auto Map Demonstration
- Manually Mapping Your Data
- About Categories
- Create an xPresso-Only Category
- Create xDesign-Only Data Source and Category
- Creating a Category for xPresso and xDesign Content
- Challenge Exercise: Categories
Preparing Resources for Document Design
- About Resource Management
- About Document Property Sets
- About Variable Definition Sets
- About Output Variables
- About the Image Utility
- About the Font Utility
- About ECM Configuration and Servers
- About User Exit Management
- About Java Editor Configuration and xEditor Configuration
- About Track Changes
- Creating Output Variables
- Add image to the xPression Database
- Add a Font to Your xPression Database
- Challenge Exercise: Resource Management
- About Migration Utilities
- How Do the Migration Utilities Work?
- When You Migrate a Doc more Than Once?
- PDPX Contents
- Importing Documents, Profiles, and Jobs
- Exporting Documents, Profiles, and Jobs
- Migrating Documents, Profiles, and Jobs
- Importing an xDesign Document
- Importing a Package (xPresso)
- Importing a Package (xPresso & xPression)
- Challenge Exercise: Migration Utilities
Tour of xDesign for xAdmin Users
- Categories
- Variable Replacements
- Images and Fonts
Introduction to Output Management
- About Output Management
- About Printer Definitions
- About Marker Definitions
- About Content Stamp Definitions
- About Separator Sheet Definitions
- About Imposition Definitions
- About Postal Processing Definitions
- About Output Definitions
- About Stream Definitions
- About Distribution Definitions
- About Output Profiles
- How to Use the Conditional Toolbars
Advanced Output Management
- The Imposition Scenario
- Create the Imposition Definition
- Create the Output Profile
- Create the Markers
- Associate Markers with Printer Features
- Create the Separator Sheet Definitions
- Creating the Content Stamps
- Inserting Separator Sheet by Change in Variable
- Challenge Exercise: Output Management
Introduction to xDashboard
- What is xDashboard?
- The xDashboard Interface
- Batch Processing Basics
- How Does xPression Handle Batch Jobs?
- Job Definitions
- About Job Steps
- The Job Monitor Tab
- Querying for Information About Your xPublish Batch Job
- Server Management Tab
- Job History Tab
- Running a Batch Job
- Creating a Job Definition
- Adding Pre- and Post-Processing Scripts to Your Job
- Command Line Batch Jobs
- Run a Job From the Command Line
- Challenge Exercise: xDashboard
Administering xPression for xPresso Users
- Introduce the xPresso Tools
- Describe categories for xPresso documents
- Describe xPresso document information
Administering Transactional Applications
- Introduce transactional applications
- Describe how transactional applications access documents through categories
- Describe xEditor configuration optionsSupport de cours en langue anglaise.


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Durée : 3 jours soit 21 heures avec 7 heures par jour
Prix stagiaire : 2.873 € TTC
Horaires : 9h00 – 17h30